Eco-Ambassador Internship

Organization: Lake Forest Open Lands Association [more info]
Salary: $1,600 stipend
Duties and
An exceptional opportunity for a college student seeking hands-on experience in conservation.

The Waukegan Citizen's Advisory Group (CAG) and the Chicago Botanic Garden (CBG) in partnership with Lake Forest Open Lands Association offers a summer conservation internship monitoring plants of concern (POC) in Waukegan’s Bowen Park and at the Waukegan Lakefront.

The internship allows a college student with an interest and background in botany to work with research scientists from the Chicago Botanic Garden studying ecosystems, collecting and analyzing data related to plants of concern. The intern may be called upon to present findings to visiting groups during some evening hours. In addition to work at Bowen Park and at the Waukegan Lakefront, the intern may spend time at the Chicago Botanic Garden and at other locations as deemed necessary and appropriate. POC staff will provide resources and access to CBG facilities for plant study, and will provide one-on-one training for challenging species.

Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Work with POC staff to learn rare plant monitoring protocol and demonstrate capacity to implement protocol.
- Learn how to identify species to be monitored and become familiar with common native and invasive associate species.
- Conduct independent botanical study.
- Work with POC staff to coordinate monitoring schedule for Bowen Park and other potential Waukegan sites, referencing last-monitored dates and current year phenology.
- Help to organize and conduct POC monitoring at sensitive locations. Contact POC volunteers to provide field assistance when needed.
- Once familiar with the work sites, demonstrate independence and good judgement in collecting field data (e.g., determining when conditions are safe to work alone, when a partner is needed).
- Communicate any unsafe conditions or inappropriate POC monitor behavior to POC staff.
- Enter data into POC’s online portal as time allows and submit field datasheets to POC.
Qualifications: - Applicants should have an interest in working in the field of natural resources as well as an enthusiasm for environmental stewardship.
- Excellent communication skills and a positive attitude are important attributes.
- Must be fit and willing to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions.
- Must have access to transportation.
- Waukegan or northern Illinois resident a plus
Teen Opportunity: Yes
How to Apply: Send a cover letter and your resume to Eco-Ambassador, Lake Forest Open Lands, 350 N. Waukegan Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045 or email:
Address: 350 N Wauekgan Rd
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Categories: Education, Environmental Policy, Environmental/Biological Science, Other, Parks/Outdoor Recreation
Type: Paid Internship
Timeframe: Summer
Contact: Susie Hoffman
(Posted: 2/9/17)